GAB (Trustworhy Research Certificate) and ISO:20252

What is GAB (Trustworthy Research Certificate) and Why Is It Necessary?

Trustworthy Research:  Trustworthy research is a general name of research projects which are carried out in accordance with frame of study process formed by Turkish Researchers’ Association, which covers all the partners and phases of the study from the first step to the delivery to the client, which also includes organizational structure and working principles of research and data collection companies. The definition “Trustworthy Research” was adopted exclusively by the Turkish Researchers’ Association and it means reliability in all types of research projects that can be measured under "standardized processes and audit management".
Trustworthy Research Logo: “Trustworthy Research”, which has a unique emblem and logo, is a registered trademark of Turkish Researchers’ Association.  Research companies that are legal entity members of the Association and apply Trustworthy Research Standards in their structure and works, can bear this symbol under conditions defined by the Association.
Trustworthy Research Certificate: This is a certificate given by Turkish Researchers’ Association to the research companies which are entitled to carry the Trustworthy Research Brand, after the audit carried out by independent audit companies, BSI (British Standards Institution) and BV (Bureau Veritas).
The aim of both marketing research and public opinion research is to get a full and accurate reflection of any product and/or brand and/or public information preferences that the researcher wants to learn. The precise, accurate and reliable result depends on the fact that it is tracked and controlled by competent staff groups from the first step to the last stage of a research project.
This process, in which data is generated, reported and shared, which is both effective on financial processes and guiding public opinion, such as public opinion research, is conducted by commercial and non-commercial companies (individual companies) in our country.
The research sector, like many other sectors, is a combination of corporations and non-institutional private companies, and has a business environment that is suitable for the establishment of a private company for a certain research project.  Therefore, these commercial structures which are included in the general commercial life and which are not institutional, cause unfair competition about in terms of pricing in the sector as well as their damage to researh results cannot be monitored. The output of research projects carried out by not qualified private companies or the companies that have not completed the organizational structure in terms of technology and personnel competence, can be incorrect and the explanations made based on those outputs may mislead the public opinion.  The obligation of ensuring the research projects be carried out duly in the sector, urged Turkish Researchers’ Association to produce a solution.
Turkish Researchers’ Association is the only institution, that "sets the standards on the management and staff competence of the research companies and defines the Reliable Research”. 

TÜAD Legal Entity Requirement: GAB and ISO: 20252 Ownership
Until 2014, it was not compulsory to own the GAB and ISO 20252 documents in order to be a legal entity member of TÜAD. After the amendment of the Charter, made in 2014, a firm can start membership procedures for Turkish Researchers’ Association on the condition that it be subject to independent audit and get GAB and ISO certificates. With this amendment, only those research firms who have the quality standard system, meet required terms and conditions and show continuity to meet required terms and conditions may become a member of Turkish Researchers’ Association.
The Path from 2005 to 2018
As a result of intensive communication with the Association and public institutions and The Public Procurement Authority, having TÜAD Legal Entity membership or Trusted Research Certificate have become a requirement for a tender specification, for the last four years. That means   the clients who order researches, prefer those research firms which are compatible with Republic of Turkey’s Law, subject to auditing, monitorable, accountable, comply with international quality requirements and have effective company management and organization of competent employees.

It is obvious that institutionalism and standardization in real terms, require a lot of time and labor.  Our goal is to further strengthen the communication with public institutions and to carry out effective research with private sector researchers. We observe that the positive effect of the conditions of GAB and TÜAD Legal Entity grows and spreads like the waves created by the stone that is thrown into the water. As an effect of this, we are now observing that the clients ordering researches from the private sector also give priority to companies that have Trustworthy Research Certification.

The Difference Between GAB (Trustworthy Research Certificate) and ISO:20252
Target-Based-Working Strong Company Structure
Article 3.1.c of General Condition of GAB Quality Management System orders: “The measurable objectives complying with GAB Quality Policy should be ensured”. Taking into consideration of this provision, senior management of the organization shall adopt target-based management model. The most important effect of adopting the target-based management model is that it maintains the strong structure of the business by driving performance, keeping alive measuring, evaluating, performance and target follow-up alive. In a target-based management system, the sustainability of an organization can also be measured at a certain ratio.
Verification (Control) Rates Were Set at Minimum Level
Unlike the general approach of verification (control) in ISO 20252, GAB sets the minimum levels of control ratios in each research group. The most important outcome of the determination of the mandatory minimum levels of control rates will be seen the increase at the reliability of the research results. Also, since the decision-making of the minimum control rate will not be left to the initiative of the individual enterprises, there will be no uncertainty and the GAB-owned enterprises will carry out the work in the same standards.
GAB Audit Conditions Are Realized Within Specified Standards
There is a separate system of conditions for GAB auditing. The fields to be audited and the principles to be followed when auditing was determined. Within the GAB inspection standards, there is a clear set of rules on how to audit each type of research project (CATI, Site, Qualitative, etc.). The specification of the rules is the most necessary feature for the control function to be realized away from arbitrariness.  Thus, the certification process is completed by ensuring that each step is audited.
Being the only umbrella organization of the research sector, TÜAD-Turkish Researchers’ Association carries out various activities in many areas. The most valuable project produced by the Association in improving working conditions and ensuring quality standards is the Trustworthy Research Document.
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