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Nezih H. Neyzi, who paved the way of "Marketing Research" becoming a profession in Turkey, was born on December 25, 1923 in İstanbul.

After having his elementary school education at Saint Joseph and secondary education at Robert College (1944), Neyzi studied at Law School and Faculty of Language History and Geography at Ankara University one year for each. He later did his master in "Business" at Pennsylvania University in 1948, becoming the first Turkish citizen to have such degree in this area.
In 1954, he studied "Marketing" at Harvard University and then started his first marketing courses at the Institute of Business Economics in İstanbul.  After completing his doctorate at İstanbul University, Faculty of Economics in 1961, he lectured on statistics, market research, foreign market research and public administration at Robert College, Robert Academy and Boğaziçi University.
He served as a General Director twice at Maritime Bank in 1974 - 1975 and 1977 - 1978, and he retired as an advisor to the Ministry of Transport in 1982. He couldn't carry on his task at PEVA Research, Turkey's first marketing research company founded by him in 1961, due to his public services. Then went back to his company and focused on marketing research.
He wrote: "Marketing and Distribution Research"(Pazarlama ve Dağıtım Araştırmaları), "Pendik: Statism - Mixed Economy - Private Sector" (Pendik: Devletçilik-Karma Ekonomi-Özel Sektör), "Atatürk’s Children" (Atatürk’ün Çocukları), "Kızıltoprak Stories" (Kızıltoprak Anıları) and "Turkey Oil Industry" (Türkiye Petrol Sanayii) which was also his doctoral thesis and published by İstanbul University the Institute of Business Administration; he also prepared "Principles of Selling"(Satıcılık Prensiplari) and "Lecture Notes for Market Research" (Pazar Araştırması Ders Notları) instructed at the first private teaching institution in PEVA Research, including more than 100 case studies for marketing and market research education. His career lied heavy on stories and historical books with PEVA Publishing, and he won the Dünya Kitap Magazine Award in 1977 with his book "Nationalism" (Ulusçuluk) (Prof. Mehmet Ali Ayni, 1868-1945).

Some of condolence messages after the death of Nezih Neyzi from the business people he worked with;
"Nezih Neyzi pioneered the way of thinking and research career in Turkey. He laid the stones, set the rules and he did all of those works with his unbelievable humble attitude. He was respectful and never broke my heart nor did he discourage me. I will never forget the warmth in my friend's eyes. He was smiling like stars with this spark in his eyes." 
“Now, Nezih Neyzi is not among us anymore. PEVA is orphaned, but I believe that it will live through.  I hope that the Researchers’ Association will not be unaccompanied and someone will look after his memory at the very least".   
NEZİH DEMİRKANAT                                    
"He had a fascinating talent that only limited number of person could have, the talent of endearing himself." 
"Not only the research world but also the Turkish society owe a debt of gratitude to Nezih Neyzi."
"My friend Nezih Neyzi was one of the rare people who achieved to reach true happiness by doing valuable things in his life. He had a natural skill of building bridges among people instead of walls."
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