May 2 Word Research & Insight Day
May 2 Word Research & Insight Day
Research is a crucial cycle includes transforming information into an insight, to enable forming a strategy, to determine action points and to measure the effect of actions performed. In this cycle, the Researchers create an added value by creating insights that inspiring innovations and strategies.
Having driven the idea that researchers who transform the data into a strategy, contribute significant changes in the world must also have a day, TÜAD pioneered the celebration of May 2 as "World Research and Insight Day" with the support and cooperation of global associations.
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Baykus Awards
Baykush Awards
534/5000 The main purpose of the event is; to reward successful research projects. This award is designed to emphasize the impact of research on business processes and decisions, value added and research. The purpose of the event, Turkey to promote the research sector, to create a platform to spread to a wider audience the impact on the business results of the research, however, research companies, to improve relations between research providers and data collection companies to reward successful business partnership.
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TUAD Academy
TUAD Academy
Since 1990, TÜAD Academy is an educational platform that aims to support the personal and career development of human source in the research sector that provides a professional development environment in market, marketing and social research to all partners in the research sector. The training is provided by industry professionals consisting of mid-level and senior managers of the research sector. The content of the training is prepared every year in accordance with the demands of the sector, the innovations in the global research field and the changing professional needs of the research sector.
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22nd Research Summit
22nd Research Summit
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Turkish Researchers’ Association
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