Membership Types and Conditions


TÜAD; is the only professional organization in the research sector in Turkey and it is a structure consisting of research and data collection services providers, academics and the sector professionals who effectively use research in their professional business life.

"Researches" play a very important role in the more efficient use of economic resources via market and marketing researches and enable society to have a say in decisions about themselves via social studies and public opinion research.  TÜAD; whose main objective is to increase the respectability of the research profession, attaches importance to the professional researchers, research and data collection services to participate actively in the research-related processes as a member of the Association, and thus to contribute to their professional experience and processes in order to achieve this objective.

Any natural or legal person who has the juridical capacity and adopts the objectives and principles of the Association and complies with the conditions in the legislations; and who will increase the prestige of the sector and the growth of the research market, accelerate the development of the sector, make common the use of the research, observe the ethical and professional high quality standards has the right to be a member of TÜAD.

TÜAD performs an effective cooperation with non-governmental organizations, professional associations, media, universities, sectoral associations and foundations and especially with public and private organizations receiving research services, regularly informing  those institutions and organizations about the importance of research in business and decision-making processes, about the issues to be taken into consideration when purchasing research services and about the Trustworthy Research Certificate, etc. In this regard, TÜAD members gain reputation in the eyes of the institutions and organizations that will purchase research services, their interests are protected, and the relationship between the members and the clients becomes more advantageous.

TÜAD also provides support to the institutions and organizations that will receive the research services in the process of tenders and establishing the tender specifications. In this way, TÜAD protects the interests of its members, emphasizing the importance of working with TÜAD member companies in terms of standards for high quality research and data quality and having a Trustworthy Research Certificate.

Being in constant communication with national and international organizations on the issues such as making the necessary legislation for the research sector and adaptation of international applications to Turkey, TÜAD regularly informs its members about national and global regulations and the latest developments in the research sector and supports its members to adapt to these processes. Members can benefit from  TÜAD's activities for the research sector such as training programs, certificate programs, conferences, sector analyzes, sector meetings, award ceremonies, research summits and consultancy services, free of charges or with reduced prices.

Turkish Researchers’ Association
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