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The advisory council was set up to instill the awareness that research findings need to be used objectively and in keeping with professional standards in marketing communication and the informing of the public; simultaneously bearing in mind the responsibility this board has to the consumer, the public and the shareholders of the research industry.
Alongside its main mission, the board also considers the auditing of findings that are being used not in accordance to national and international laws and ethical codes one of its duties.

The Turkish Researchers’ Association Advisory Council will work in collaboration with the Reklam Özdenetim Kurulu (The Advertisement Self-Audit Board), the Reklamverenler Dernegi (The Advertisers Association) and the Reklamcilar Dernegi (The Advertisers Association). The board will provide expertise on the usage of research findings to public establishments, private establishments and individuals that seek it, for a fee. The TUAD Advisory Council will act as an expert in this field. The president of the Ethics Board will make sure there are no conflicts of interest and coordinate the board as such.


The aim of this statute is to detail the workings of the TUAD Advisory Board. The board will provide expertise and advice about whether findings are used in accordance with ESOMAR codes, the 5429th Turkish Statistics law, the TRKGM/98/94-95th communiqué and professional standards in the media, advertisements and award applications. The board also takes cognizance of new laws to pass after its creation. The board does not need to be restricted only to inquiries it receives, and can also choose to examine projects on its own

Board Members
The board will be made up of four members the TUAD Board of Directors will elect. The president of the Ethics Board will lead the Advisory Board. The members will be preferentially elected from past board leaders. These individuals must have at least 15 years of experience within the research industry and must not be directly involved in any business transactions with any ongoing research. The Advisory Board spans a length of two years and will continue on its course according to the rulings of the Board of Directors.

The Operation of the Council 
Any written application made to TUAD will be made known to the board directly by the TUAD Secretariat. Among the board members, those who are in direct relations with the corporation or firm at hand will be excluded by the board president. Meetings can be called as seen fit by the president. The council will reach a verdict within seven business days and respond in writing. Decisions are made according to majority of vote.

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