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Dear TUAD Members,

As the Board of  TUAD in the period of 2018-2020, we will continue to provide the sector added value in line with the mission of our Association, to develop our industry with the projects we carry out and to take care of the issues we have focussed on to rise association’s reputation.
We pass through a period that knowledge is supported by data and by intensive technology. It becomes more important to identify and regularly follow the trends of individuals along with uncertainties in all areas such as consumption habits, political preferences and public opinion polls. But, there is data everywhere , we reach very easily. At the moment, making meaningful insights out of these data has become one of the most unconditional ways to manage uncertainties more clearly. We cannot think that the association of Social Sciences and Mathematics is association of only feelings and numbers. This association has a special meaning to us, as well as giving us the numbers to predict our endless experiences, as well as being able to touch and read the uncertainties in the zigzags of life.
The place and importance of our association is enormous for the thin line between Research-Researcher and Public ,when it becomes real in ethical rules. It will continue that our main goal will be able to touch human values as well as to observe the sensitivities of the public and to be able to provide an understanding that can gather all the stakeholders.
Best Regards,
Handan Esmer

Turkish Researchers' Association President
Turkish Researchers’ Association
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