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Sia Insight was established on the 20th of November 2009, with the objective of developing a profitable strategic vision to its clients through research, consultancy and training expertise tailored to the clients’ needs.

In September 2016 Sia Insight announced acquisition of Ponera, a fast-growing, innovative and highly technology-focused player. Sia Insight – Ponera merger will position the combined entity  and its 40 people team, as one of the most dynamic, powerful and largest players in Turkish market research industry, with increased capabilities in research solutions and digital technologies. 

You can track our latest developments and brand history via www.twitter.com/siainsight, www.facebook.com/siainsight and 

Our Approach
To us research is not just data gathering and bringing  to information level and turn  into "knowledge". Research is a process which should be one step further  that, in which information is simplified to correspond  real life and turned into applicable and clear marketing strategy.
What is important to us is to understand our customer's problem and/or need right and develop the right solution. Tools that are going to be used while solving this problem or satisfying the need are only tools and our expertise starts with knowing which tools to use when. We do not believe in differentiation like "qualitative" or "quantitative" or "modeled" or "not modeled, customer specific research" that come up often while a marketing research is being conducted.

We, as Sia Insight we do not guide our customers on not only "what they need to do" but "how to do it" at the same time. In other words, our difference lies in our approach of integrating market research with consulting. Our goal with this approach is not only taking a snapshot of the current status but also to develop applicable forecasting projections.

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