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Founded with the understanding that research is not an aim itselfbut a vehicle to develop corrcet marketing and brand strategies. Believes that effective and useful support is only possible by accurately designed, accurately applied and accurately evaluated research. Kalita's objective is to develop or support development of storng, enduring and cmpetitive brand strategies rooted from real consumer insights and well understood market dynamics derived from well designed, reliable research. Focuses on 4 areas:

1. Strategic Planning and brand consultancy: Strategic planning for the architecture of new brands and effective management of existing brands. m2: Development of brands maps that carry the values and essence customers / consumers, production team, marketing & sales.

2.Research : Mainly focuses on gualitative research.
*Qualitative: Utilise all gualitative technigues; focus group discussions, indepth interviews, observational research, taste/packaging tests, concept tests, advertising pre-test, client satisfaction (b to b)...
Make use of major projective techniques : free association, collage, brand finderprint, brand grouping, thougt balloon... Quantitative: Ad-hoc ad/brand performance tracking, usage and attitude, consumer profile segmantation, bradn/product satisfaction, brand image recearch, new producty research, customer/employee satisfaction and loyalty...

3. Research Consultancy; Definition of research need and the right methodology to fulfil the need, researcgh design, conduction or implementation of defined research projects, evaluation and reporting of research findings, definition of key take-outs that might lead to strategic decisions.

4. Training: Training for marketing and communications proffessionals on research and branding

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