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Bulgu Araştırma ve Halkla İlişkiler Ltd. Şti. depends on academic principles, makes viable and reliable researchs.
Bulgu Araştırma is established on 1994 February by Semih Turan and Faruk Altun.
Up until now we made many researchs for companies that specialized in their field and we still go on.
Bulgu Araştırma;
-          Setup research projects to companies and ourselves, organize fieldwork of researchs, prepare reports of researchs.
-          Neither benefit from research findings nor allow anybody or company to benefit. 
-          Make researchs depend on academic principles and during the fieldwork allways check the findings for reliability.
During the research, Bulgu Araştırma works up to Standard of GAB which we got on 15-09-2007 and ISO 20252 which we got on 21.01.2011.
Bulgu Araştırma serves in its own offices in Ankara and Istanbul and serves in 81 cities in Turkey by means of its agencies in İzmir, Adana, Bursa, Samsun, Erzurum, Antalya, Kayseri, Trabzon, Van, Diyarbakır, G. Antep and also in the TRNC.
While serving only in the fields of FMCG and SMCG in its early years, on Client’s needs we established Qualitative in 2004, Medical in 2005, RMS in 2006, and CATI in 2010.
We have been beyond the average of business’ technological level and qualifications in these fields, too.
Field surveys and data collection information:
Face-to-Face (Random Sampling)                 CATI (Terminal Number: 70)
Face-to-Face (Quota Sampling)                    CAPI (Terminal Number: 160)
Face-to-Face (Address)                                  Internet
Mail                                                               Observation
Mystery Customer                                         Focus Groups
Business-to-Business Interviews                    In-Depth Interviewing
Desk research
Information on research areas:
Ad/Packaging Tests                                       Financial / Corporate Image
Agriculture                                                    Food / Beverage
Automotive                                                    Industrial Surveys
B2B                                                                International Research
Child Surveys                                                 Internet
Packaged Goods                                            Marketing Models
Customer Satisfaction                                   Segmentation / Typology
Media Surveys                                               Health / Pharmaceuticals
Employee Surveys                                         Pricing / Promotion
Products Tests                                               Social / Public Opinion Polls
Tracking / Brand image                                Travel / Tourism
Retail Surveys                                                Database Preparation
Education Services                                        Data Processing
Consumer Research                                      Household Panel
Life Style Research 
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