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Message from Board Chair
Dear TUAD Members,

As the Board of  TUAD in the period of 2018-2020, we will continue to provide the sector added value in line with the mission of our Association, to develop our industry with the projects we carry out and to take care of the issues we have focussed on to rise association’s reputation.
We pass through a period that knowledge is supported by data and by intensive technology. It becomes more important to identify and regularly follow the trends of individuals along with uncertainties in all areas such as consumption habits, political preferences and public opinion polls. But, there is data everywhere , we reach very easily. At the moment, making meaningful insights out of these data has become one of the most unconditional ways to manage uncertainties more clearly. We cannot think that the association of Social Sciences and Mathematics is association of only feelings and numbers. This association has a special meaning to us, as well as giving us the numbers to predict our endless experiences, as well as being able to touch and read the uncertainties in the zigzags of life.
The place and importance of our association is enormous for the thin line between Research-Researcher and Public ,when it becomes real in ethical rules. It will continue that our main goal will be able to touch human values as well as to observe the sensitivities of the public and to be able to provide an understanding that can gather all the stakeholders.
Best Regards,
Handan Esmer
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Turkish Research Sectoral Growth Report 2013
As you know, Esomar announce the results of the sector report for the world that belongs to the previous year on the global conference which has been held on September in every year.

In parallel with this schedule, we present you 2013 Turkey report as a book, in which we integrated world data by taking them from Esomar report.

The fieldwork and analysis of this study has been carried out by Arsan Danismanlik (Arsan Consultancy).The results were dealt, commented and turned into a book with an interesting narration by the co-founder of our valuable member El Izi Iletisim Danismanlik (El Izi Communication and Consultancy), Prof. Dr. Nukhet Vardar as a social responsibility project.

In addition to that, companies that participated in the research by providing their 2013 endorsement information, were returned and asked about their growth ratio for the first six months of year 2014 by Arsan. This question was answered by 15 companies, which formed the 70.7% of the total endorsement for the year 2013. This valuable information was also added to the report. 

In order to purchase the Turkish digital report, you can contact with Mine Iseri (
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TUAD released a declaration about Political Researches.
We believe that we can stop data utilization for manipulative purposes

Turkish Researchers' Associations insistently continues its warnings for using research sector as the sole occupational non-governmental organization in media research utilization. Researches which are carried out, and data, which is used in these researches, are collected in accordance with professional rules. There are many quality management systems and inspection methods used for these. Researches, which are carried out in this framework, make great contributions for utilization of our country’s economic and social sources.

Political researches forms out a section of lower than %5 among the questionnaires carried out in our sector. Most of these, which have been completed with a scientific discipline, are kept confidential between the research company and their customer, as it should be. There isn’t any situation that needs these results to be reflected to media. TUAD, which is aware of the problems that may occur due to rest of these researches, has been running a campaign regularly for the last 4 months. While we are reinforcing the self-audit systems among us, we are informing media members, who give a place political data in their work, on an extensive basis. We send a note for information purposes to more than 50 media members, who have released wrong research data. We especially ask for them to trust in TUAD member companies. We made them remember that researches, which have unknown customers  and unclear financing methods, are open to manipulation. We informed our member companies, too. We still keep running these projects.

However, based on the tendency of polarization in media, many broadcasters searches data that corroborates with their opinion, without paying attention to these rules. Thereby, “so-called researchers”, which are not acceptable in the sector by any means, are presented to public opinion without paying any regards to data broadcasting principles. As it is also proven scientifically, trying to use political researches as a tool of propaganda is a meaningless effort. Ethically, it means deception of the society. In addition to that, during the recent days, several writers have such statements that the blame is put on the entire research sector.

We invite all media members to follow the principles released by TUAD for the political research results they want to reflect to the public opinion. In case that they have any questions, TUAD is always ready to help them. In case that there are any complaints, we suggest them to apply to TUAD Ethical and Consultative Committee immediately.
We believe that we will end data broadcast with manipulative purposes, no matter what their sources are, by working with patience and together with broadcasters of our country that cares for occupational rules. “So-called researchers” and “so-called research companies”, which are used for these purposes, will be lost in time.

Announced to public opinion with love and respect.

Turkish Researchers' Association
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TUAD Announced How to Use Research On Media and Advertisements
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